Electrical Personnel

Premier is highly skilled at recruiting, screening, and placing candidates in all types of jobs, from short-term contracts for an installation of a new automated assembly line, to larger and longer term contract projects involving a large team of skilled electrical workers, all the way to finding the perfect fit for a permanent Master Electrician for your manufacturing team. We have the experience and the talent pool to fill the position(s) quickly with qualified candidates.

Premier is your primary resource for all your electrical integration needs. For competitive rates, superior professionalism and workmanship, we are North America’s first choice of manufacturers and integrators. We have access to a wide range of electrical professionals who will be a great fit for your team.

We can fill all your electrical needs! Are you looking for a single electrician for a short-term or long term position? Do you need 50 electricians for a larger long-term project? Or maybe you need a permanent electrician for your manufacturing team? Premier can fill any or all of those needs, as we have a considerable pool of talent, developed over 22 years of contracting personnel. We pledge to our clients that we will only fill the positions for which we have qualified personnel. We will refer you to another firm if we can’t meet your needs with the right people with the right skills.¬† Quality and safety are the top priorities for Premier, and all of our contract positions are filled with qualified, expert, and reliable professionals.

Premier has a variety of personnel with all levels of experience, skills and abilities. We have entry level electricians up to leader caliber / specialist electricians and technicians, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical technicians
  • Journeyman Electricians
  • Master Electricians
  • Residential Wiring
  • Commercial Wiring and Lighting
  • Machine Tool / Electrical Controls
  • PLC and Servo Drive Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Panel Wirers


Residential Electric

We have a pool of candidates experienced in residential low voltage wiring and in managing teams of electrical personnel to wire homes, apartment buildings, and condominiums safely efficiently, and on time and on or under budget.

Commercial Electric

Commercial Electrical personnel are expert at wiring commercial buildings, signs, and other commercial needs, and are expert in safe and efficient wiring practices. We also have Master Electricians who have experience supervising a contractor team so they complete wiring jobs safely, effectively, and within time and financial budgets.

Industrial Electric

Our talented people are capable of support and wiring of all types of electrical application such as gantries, test stands, conveyor systems, auto-stations, as well as testing, debugging and repair. See descriptions below for examples.

Machine Tool / Electrical Controls

All of our Premier Machine Tool/Electrical Controls Electricians are expert in safe and effective wiring practices. From start-up to maintenance and repair, our electricians can provide a complete range of services for conventional duct, buss duct, and rigid conduit systems, cable tray and multi-conductor cable systems, as well as communication systems.

PLC and Servo Drive Systems

Premier can provide electrical personnel trained in PLC start-up, programming, and troubleshooting. We also provide experienced Servo Drive System technicians and electricians skilled in assembling, start-up, repair and troubleshooting of servos, stepper motors, and drive chain systems.

Panel Wirers

Premier Electric Panel Wirers are available for jobs of any size, from wiring small J boxes, to multi-door main control panels.